What Makes the 3-Step Diamond Polishing Pad System Advantageous?

3 step polishing pads

Evolution of Polishing Pad Systems:

7 step diamond polishing pads were once known as the best way to polish. A 5 step diamond polishing pad then became popular. We got good results on dark granite but still needed to buff it. Why fewer 3-step polishing pads are now more popular and have become a preferred choice for professionals in the industry.

Saving your time and labor with 3 step polishing pads:

Traditional 7-step wet diamond polishing pads with multi-polishing steps require more labor and are time-consuming to achieve the desired results. We use a new technic on the 3-step diamond polishing pads incorporating different grit levels within each pad. This means that instead of using separate pads for coarse, medium, and fine polishing, all three steps are integrated into a single pad. This not only saves time but also ensures consistent and reliable results throughout the polishing process.

Versatility and Compatibility:

3-step diamond polishing pads are outstanding in terms of versatility and compatibility when it comes to stone and concrete polishing. Fabricators working with different types of stones can use them for a wide range of stone materials. Furthermore, the pads are highly adaptable to a variety of surfaces, ensuring exceptional results even under challenging conditions. As they can be used with both wet and dry polishing techniques, they provide fabricators with flexibility and convenience. With the 3-step system, fabricators can confidently tackle diverse projects.

 In conclusion:

The end result with the SSdia 3-Step Hybrid Diamond Polishing Pads:
1) Superior finish or shine to standard 7-step pads;

2) Production can be increased by 40%-60% in the workshop;

3) 1 pad to polish all kinds of stone, like marble, granite, quartz stone or even concrete;

4) Both Wet polishing or Dry polishing are available;

5) Using a 3-step pad makes it easier to purchase, with the same or less cost than using multiple types of pads.

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