Premium Side-exhaust Wet Air Polishing ELA Air Stone Polisher

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  • Premium one higher quality with a side exhaust, more powerful.
  • ELA air pneumatic wet polisher is a variable speed and safe tool in the stone fabrication industry.
  • Especially at high rotation speeds, it has been engineered to minimize operational noise.
  • The best option for stone fabricators.

The air consumption is 16cfm (0.45m3/min).

The air pressure is 90 psi (621 kpa)

0-4500 RPM is the free speed

The spindle size is 5/8″-11, M14, and M16

1/4″ NPT air inlet

Diameter of pad: 3″/4″/5″

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Product Details

This premium model was upgraded from the classic ELA side exhaust. We have made some upgrades and changes to some parts to make it more powerful, and its durability has been improved on the basis of the classic model. air polisher is the classic and economical wet air polisher.


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