Marble Cutting Blade for Bridge Saw Machine Using

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  • Vibration can be reduced by the segment with a fan-shaped design
  • No cracking, good sharpening, and a long lifespan
  • Packaging and painting can be designed according to your requirements



Cutting Materials: Marble
Application: Wet Cutting
Segment Height: 8/10mm
Arbor: 50/60mm
Diameter:  12″ 300mm, 14″ 350mm, 16″ 400mm, 18″ 450mm, 20″ 500mm, 24″ 600mm, 26″ 650mm, 28″ 700mm, 32″ 800mm


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Product Details

There are many characteristics of natural marble, such as its softness, fragility, hardness, and structure, and some marbles have stripes and cracks. Therefore, cutting that bond requires a stronger bond.

This Diamond Marble Cutting Blade is designed to be wet cutting used on a large cutting machine like Bridge Saw.

We have improved efficiency and excellent performance and can provide fast and smooth cutting Marble stone.

It uses a hot pressing process, combined with high-quality raw materials, to ensure low amplitude and low noise during high-speed operation.


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