CNC Diamond Incremental Cutting Finger Bit

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Applications and Uses:

  • Material like Granite, Marble, or other natural stones and Artificial materials so on;
  • For radial arm machines and sink cut-out machines.


  • Diameter: 20mm
  • Segment Height: 20mm
  • Thread: M12 or M10
  • Wet Use Only.
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Product Details

What is a CNC Incremental Finger Bit?

The Diamond Incremental Finger Bit is specially engineered for swift stock removal and for refining saw marks, making it a preferred choice for cutting granite, engineered stone, and marble.

Primarily designed to be mounted on CNC machines or radial arm machinery, it excels in hole grinding, anchor holes, and blind holes.

For radial arm applications, incremental cutting heads are the go-to choice. They are perfectly compatible with machines like the Park Wizard, Thibaut T-108, Fab King, or others.

We also can make reverse thread incremental finger bits for special requests, like for Sasso K600.

By using high-quality imported diamonds as raw material, the diamonds are evenly distributed, well cut, and durable, so they consume evenly during use, minimizing time and effort.



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