High Speed 1,000 Air Angle Grinder Handheld ELA Air Cutter with Water

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  • To keep plenty of water on the material, the external water feed supplies water on both sides of the blade, diamond cup wheel, etc.
  • For zero-tolerance wheels and other center water feed attachments, the ELA air grinder also comes with a center water feed through the spindle.
  • You can control the air cutter at all times with the paddle trigger included with the ELA air grinder.
  • Cutting and grinding are easy and less tiring with the compact design and solid handle.
  • This tool is great for any environment due to its adjustable rotating exhaust and built-in oil port!
Left / Right / C Handle
Guard Size: 4″ (100 mm)
Spindle Thread : 5/8″-11, M14
Max. Free Speed: 10,000 rpm
Max. Horse Power: 650W
Net Weight: 3.8 kgs
Air Cons: 15 cfm
Air Inlet: 1/4″ Npt
Sound Pressure: 95 dBA
* without Saw Blade *
* Without Air Hose / Water Hose
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Product Details

The ELA Wet Pneumatic Stone Grinder and Saw has combined cutting and grinding two functions. Wet grinding and wet cutting of granite, marble, quartz stones, and engineered stones is possible with this machine.
With its powerful, reliable air tool, it is ideal for continuous wet grinding in the stone industry and is safer when used wet.
ELA 5″ High-Speed Air Grinder and Cutter is designed to withstand the harsh environments of granite fabrication shops.
It can accept up to a 5″ blade, a 5″ contour blade, diamond cup wheels, and zero tolerance wheels, among others.


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