Grinding Wheel Zigzag Diamond Grinding Wheel for Concrete and Masonry Cup Wheel

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  • High grade diamond makes the grinding wheel aggressive grinding and fast stock;

    Compared to conventional products, it is more aggressive and durable;


    Use for on Handheld polisher, Angle Grinder, Floor Grinder, Floor Grinding Machine;


    Can be wet and dry use, but wet using is better.

Diameter: 7 Inch(180mm)
Thread: 5/8”-11, M14, 22.23H, 19H
Grit: 16/18#, 20/25#, 30/40#, 50/60#, 70/80#, 80/100#


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Product Details

As requested, we can produce grinding cup wheels. Hard concrete, terrazzo, and rough floor surfaces can all be ground with soft bonds. It is ideal for removing resins, epoxies, paint, elastomeric coatings, light coatings, and other coatings from large concrete and masonry surfaces.


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