Diamond Concrete Saw Blades with Laser Welded Segment

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The laser welded diamond saw blade with arrow turbo shape segments is perfect for general construction materials, concrete slabs, precast slabs, granite, sandstone, stone slab, tile, reinforced concrete, cured concrete, and old concrete.



Diameter: 9″ 230mm, 12″ 300mm, 14″ 350mm, 16″ 400mm


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Product Details

For construction projects, it is essential to use top-notch saw blades to cut through hard materials. Crafted using the latest laser welding technology and featuring arrow turbo shape segments, the diamond saw blades from Ostar are designed to dramatically increase efficiency during those tough cutting jobs.

Our saw blades boast features such as specially designed cooling holes to reduce noise while in use and laser welds that keep them ultra-durable. Moreover, they are suitable for both dry and wet cutting applications across various tools like walk-behind saws, table saws, and handheld saws.

You can trust that our blades will help you simplify any task with their diamonds that ensure long life and smooth cutting results.


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