Fresh Concrete Cutting Saw Blades with Laser Welded

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  • Various materials can be cut using our diamond blades, including asphalt, new concrete, green concrete, asphalt with concrete, cinder bricks, and other abrasive materials.
  • We use imported diamonds for the diamond blade to last longer cutting the lifespan and high quality.
  • Dry or Wet cutting is available and can be used on different machines, such as table saws, walk saws, and handheld saws.



Diameter: 12″ 300mm, 14″ 350mm, 16″ 400mm, 18″ 450mm, 20″ 500mm


Cutting Materials: 

Asphalt / Green concrete



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Product Details

We can supply different quality grades based on clients’ requests, including economic, standard, premium, and professional.

The standard arbor holes: 1″ arbor with drive pin, or upon request.

Clients can also request other special specifications and colors for the blades to meet their specific needs.

Additionally, the diamond blades come with different types of protection segments, such as radius protection seg., slant protection seg., and high protection seg


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