ELA Wet Air Fluting polisher Pneumatic Tool make Flut with Water

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  • Efficient: Designed for efficient polishing, this tool polishes at a maximum speed of 4,500 rpm, reducing polishing time.

  • Lightweight: The lightweight design reduces user fatigue and enhances productivity over long periods of time with its net weight of just 2.0 kg.

  • User-Friendly Assembly: The fluting diamond wheel can be quickly disassembled and assembled without the need for any other fitting spanners.

  • Versatile Applications: It can also be used for masonry finishes such as marble and granite pieces, as well as grinding and polishing sink drainer grooves for kitchen countertops. Fluted drain boards, fireplace surrounds, and other decorations can be precisely finished with it.

Grinding Wheel Size: 4″
Spindle diameter: 22 mm
Max. Fluting Wheel Thickness: 20 mm
Max. Speed: 4,500 rpm
Length: 14″
Air Cons : 16 cfm(0.45 m3/min)
Air Inlet: PT1/4″-19
Output: 360 W
Air Compressor Required: 5 HP min
Air Pressure: 90 Psi(0.62 MPa)
Net Weight: 2.0 kg
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Product Details

The ELA Wet air fluting polisher/grinder/sander is a unique air tool used for a wet fluting type of polishing for stone, such as marble and granite.
It is utilized to meticulously complete the grooves on drain boards, fireplaces, and other embellishments.
  • The Wet air fluting polisher/grinder/sander reduces the time and effort required to complete a project by grinding, polishing, and sanding faster and more efficiently.
  • A high-quality finish is ensured by the precision and control offered by this tool, which reduces the risk of mistakes.
  • Wet air tools reduce dust and debris generated during grinding, polishing, and sanding, improving air quality and making the work environment safer.



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