ELA Rear Exhaust Air Wet Polisher Pneumatic Polishing Tools for Stone Granite Marble

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  • It is an ideal air polisher tool when you wanna polishing someplace with water, more save than electric power tools.
  • With variable speeds up to 5500 rpm, you can choose the right speed for the job and prevent swirl marks on your workpiece.
  • Vibration and slips are minimized with high-quality rubber grips. It is ideal for all types of grinding and polishing applications due to its low rev speed.
  • Easily adjust the central water feed to produce smooth and uniform finishes The ELA Air Stone Polisher has a central water feed that evenly distributes water.
  • Couplings are made of brass and are quick-action. They work with connectors that fit 1/2-inch water hoses. Can customize it if you have a special request.


Air Consumption: 16cfm(0.45m3/min)
Air Pressure: 90Psi(621kpa)
Free Speed: 0-5500RPM
Spindle: 5/8“-11; M14;M16
Air Inlet: 1/4″Npt
Pad Diameter: 3”/4”/5”
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Product Details

ELA Rear Exhaust Air Polisher is a versatile sander and polisher that can be used on uneven surfaces made of granite, marble, or other stones.

Air supply and exhaust are conveniently combined in a slender wrap hose that blows exhaust away from your workspace and away from you.

Even when our Air Stone/Polisher is tackling a heavy workload, overload protection, and temperature sensors prevent overheating.


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