Dry T-seg Core Drill Bits for Granite Marble Engineered Stone

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  • This dry diamond core drill bit is designed to drill holes into granite, marble, and other hard stones.
  • It has a segmented design with side protection to ensure perfect holes are drilled.
  • Core drill bit segment with wave shape has a highly competitive price and is designed to cut fast and cleanly.


  • Diameter of the core bit: From 3/16″(5mm) – 12” (300mm)
  • Length of the core bit: We can make from 85mm to 400mm
  • Connection: 5/8-11, M14, 10B, 12B
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Product Details

The core drill bit can be used in an angle grinder, a core drill machine, or a standard drill.

With our Diamond Core Bits, there is a wide variety to choose from. Different sizes, diameters, bonds, diamond concentrations, and segments are available. A variety of materials can be used, including granite, marble, porcelain, glass, stone, concrete, and wood. It is also possible to order custom core bits.


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