500 Laser Concrete Saw Blade Diamond Tools for Wall Cutting

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Diameter: 20″,  24″, 26″, 28″, 32″, 36″, 42″

Segment Height: 13mm

Cutting Material: Concrete / Reinforced Concrete

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Product Details

At SSDiatools, we are proud to introduce our standout product: the 500mm Laser Welded Diamond Wall Saw Blade. Designed for cutting walls and other concrete structures, this blade exemplifies exceptional craftsmanship and innovative technology. It features higher quality diamonds for exceptional longevity and swift cutting performance. Ideal for wet cutting scenarios, it demonstrates superior versatility and reliability.

Our product is available in two quality grades: premium and professional. Both grades uphold our commitment to delivering high-performance tools that meet diverse needs and budgets. Every 500mm Laser Welded Diamond Wall Saw blade is provisioned for custom arbor sizes and pin holes, ensuring a perfect fit for your equipment.

We also offer the option to produce special specifications and colors based on client requirements, extending our commitment to customization and customer satisfaction. This product is a testament to the SSDiatools’ promise of quality, performance, and customer-centric innovation. Whether you’re involved in large-scale construction projects or intricate crafting, our diamond wall saw blade is engineered to deliver precise, efficient, and enduring performance.


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