CNC Diamond Tools for Stone Stubbing Wheel

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Applications and Uses:

  • Initial roughing processes before final shaping
  • Surface grinding and levelling
  • Material removal from Granite, Marble, and other natural stones, Quartz, Quartzite, Dekton and so on.


  • Diameter: 50, 86, 90, 100mm
  • Connection: standard 10mm OR 50mm hole (for custom designed tools, connection upon your specification)
  • Segment Height 20mm , 30mm
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Product Details

What is a CNC Stubbing Wheel?

From 3 axis to 5 axis CNC process machines are increasingly used in stone processing factories. It is important to use a sharp and wear-resistant wheel when grinding and leveling stone surfaces.

In this way, stone processing can achieve twice as much with half the effort, reduce production costs and save time.

Depending on the stone material, we can adjust the formula to achieve the effect you desire.


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