CNC Diamond Profile Wheels for Countertop Edge Profiling

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  • Easy set up the dimensions
  • Different materials can be used with the same set
  • Standard dimensions and shapes are available, as well as custom CNC special profile wheels


  • Diameter: 80-120 mm (min. diameter 60 mm)
  • Connection: standard 35 mm hole (for custom designed tools, connection upon your specification)
  • More Working parameters: Based on the wheels
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Who else can you choose besides Italian CNC tool?

High performance tooling does not have to come at a high price.
We apply a full set of CNC diamond profile wheel for Marble Granite or Engineered stone.

No overblown claims, just repeatable results in real-world production environments.

Send us your customization request, we’ll provide free advice and estimates based on our experience.


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