CNC Diamond Profile Finger Bit for Basin Countertop Sink

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Applications and Uses:

  • Apply to Granite, Marble, Natural stones, Artificial materials like Dekton and more;
  • CNC machine like: 3x or 5x .


  • Many shapes we can make per request
  • Thread: 1/2 Gas
  • Wet Use Only.
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Product Details

What are CNC Finger Bit for Countertop Sink?

The countertop of the under-mount basin is not only convenient for daily cleaning use but also more beautiful than the above counter basin. In response to market demand, we designed a full set of profile finger bits that can make a perfect shape while milling the groove.

Designed for 7 positions, our Profile Finger Bit has diamond grits ranging from coarse to fine. There are uses for it in granite, marble, artificial stone, and even Dekton.

We have many regular shapes, and we can also design and manufacture other shapes according to the request you provide.

Please contact me if you would like more information about drawings.


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