Arix Diamond Blades for Granite Cutting with Line up Diamond Segments

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1. Distribute diamond grain precisely in 3D in accordance with special patterns.

2. It will appear in the cutting edge that there are a few straight grooves that provide straight cutting.

3. Regardless of the transverse section, the cutting edge remains flat.

4. The protruding diamonds will reduce resistance during cutting since they protrude from the side faces.

5. Compared to traditional diamond blades, Arix diamond blades offer a 30-50% faster-cutting speed.

6. Arix diamond saw blades provide better durability than traditional diamond blades by 30%-50%

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Product Details

The Arix diamond blade is mainly applied to cutting granite of different hardness. With the correct cutting depth and speed of the saw machine, Line-up diamond blade granite diamond blades can offer a smooth cut with a fast cutting speed, compared to other blades, they are durable and have a long blade life. The blades could be installed on large/medium cutting machines and bridge cutting machines.

The line-up diamond blade is the most advantaged product in our company. After years of research, our technology has matured and the production capacity has been greatly increased. We are able to maintain a high level of stability in terms of cutting life and cutting speed on the Stone Cutting, and can provide a guarantee for the quality of our granite Line-up saw blades.

According to the different hardness of granite in different countries and regions, we can design different granite diamond blades for the users, it is totally customer-made.

AME ARIX diamond blades use ARIX (array) diamond layered technology to make the diamond line-up on the segment for constant high-speed cutting. Upgraded the cutting blades with faster cutting efficiency, and keep longer cutting time.

Since the saw blade with ARIX line-up segment and silent core, that also has less noise than ordinary silent cutting blades.

By being the array of diamonds on the Arix saw blades for Granite Cutting, it will be free from chipping, ensuring that all diamonds are used to the maximum.


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