How to choose Grinding Cup Wheels depending on concrete surface and hardness?

Choosing the right concrete grinding wheel for your specific surface type is very important. This decision greatly affects the grinding process’s efficiency and productivity.

The right grinding wheel for the surface type will result in a smoother finish and longer wheel life. In contrast, a mismatch may result in slower work speeds, poor surface quality, increased wheel wear, and damage to the concrete surface. As a result, it is essential to be aware of the characteristics of the concrete surface and the specific tooling requirements.


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1: Smooth concrete

Generally, this type of surface has a lower porosity and is easier to grind. For this reason, a grinding wheel with a soft bond is required.

2: Rough concrete

It is difficult to grind rough concrete surfaces because they are porous. For efficient grinding, they require grinding wheels with a harder bond. In this way, the grit on the grinding wheel remains sharp and effective for a longer period of time, coping with the increased wear and tear caused by rough surfaces.


Grinding wheels will also be affected by the hardness of concrete in addition to the surface type. A grinding wheel must be selected according to the type of surface and concrete hardness level.

1: Soft concrete

In order to grind soft concrete surfaces, you need to use a hard grinding wheel. A soft-bonded wheel becomes ineffective when its surface is soft and porous, which eats away at the grit.

2: A solid concrete

Conversely, hard concrete surfaces require soft bonded grinding wheels. Due to the softer bond of the grinding wheel, worn grit can easily break away, exposing sharp, fresh grit. By preventing glazing, the grinding wheel is able to grind more efficiently.


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In summary, you must consider both concrete hardness and surface type when choosing a metal grinding disc. The best wheels for smooth, hard concrete are soft-bonded wheels, while hard-bonded wheels are best for smooth, softer concrete. The key to getting the best grinding results is to maintain a balance between concrete hardness and wheel adhesion.

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