NEW Diamond Polishing Pads

Gloss Test for the Standard 7-Step Diamond Polishing Pads​

Introducing our new formula Resin Diamond Polishing Pads – the ideal solution for achieving swift and impeccable shine transitions from coarse to fine finishes.

As shown image on the right, these pads test on the granite comes out an excellence results. It also can be used on many other stones or concrete dry or wet polishing.

With high efficiency and good effects, we can quickly transition from coarse to fine diamond resin polishing pads.

The secret behind their outstanding performance lies in the combination of advanced technology and decades of expertise. Our skilled team of technical engineers has poured their expertise into perfecting the pads, ensuring that each pad boasts remarkable sharpness and exceptional durability.

The Resin Diamond Polishing Pads will greatly enhance your polishing experience, and if you sell diamond tools wholesale, it will enable you to stand out among your competitors.

Should you require more information, we are happy to provide it!

Diamond polishing pads Test result

What Diamond Resin Polishing Pads
We Supply ?

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3 step Diamond Polishing Pads


Supper Fast efficient than last version 30% Upgrade, Dry and Wet

3 step Dry & Wet Polishing Pad


Dry and Wet using are available 
Very durable and sharpness! 

Cheep Polishing Pads for stone


It has perfect shine on the surface but with a lower price, Dry and Wet

Colorful Granite Polishing Pads


Foreign popular, WET & DRY using

Thick abrasive, wear-resistant

4 inch Dry Polishing Pads


Dry polishing without water,  7 step 

FAST to shine

4" Electroplated Diamond

Polishing Pads

Dry or wet polishing for all kind of material

High-grade diamond

As a Professional Diamond Polishing Pads Suppliers

Our factory has been producing highly efficient diamond polishing pads for over two decades. We have a team of five technical engineers who work hard to enhance the sharpness and durability of our products.

To ensure quality, each processing workshop must pass a 100% quality inspection before moving on to the next step.

We provide both dry and wet products for the stone and concrete industries.

Advantages of Ours Diamond Polishing Pads


If you need grinding discs or polishing pads that meet special brightness requirements or square numbers, we can customize them for you.

Wide Application

Diamond grinding tools and polishing pads are used in a wide range of applications, including natural stone, quartz stone, concrete, and ceramics.

Technical Support

Our team of professional technical experts launches new products and improved formulas every year based on South Korea’s diamond tool technology


High Productivity

A maximum of 30,000 diamond polishing pads can be manufactured per day in nearly 20 production workshops with 32 pressing machines.

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