CNC Diamond Tools

Where are your CNC diamond tools manufactured,
and what quality controls are in place?

Our products are manufactured in China, leveraging advanced Italian technology and precision machinery to guarantee superior quality.

Before shipping, all products will be marked with specific RPM or feed rate recommendations on the exterior packaging, ensuring they align with your machine specifications and the stone materials you work with.

In the stone industry, we are one of the most trustworthy CNC diamond tool manufacturers.

Your Professional Stone CNC Diamond Tools Manufacturer

CNC Diamond Profile Wheels

Many Shapes and Full Sets we can supply

CNC Stubbing Wheels

For leveling and grinding stone surface 

CNC Core Bit

Drilling hole for Granite Marble 

Diamond Finger Bit for CNC

Sharpness for all kinds of stone

Craving Router Bits

Using engraving and craving as your need

Incremental Finger Bit

For radial arm or sink cut-out machines

Advantages of Ours CNC Diamond Tools

Precision Engineering

Our CNC diamond tools use advanced technology and complex processes to ensure that we achieve accurate shapes during grinding and profiling processes.

Diverse Applications

Cutting, Drilling, Milling, Profiling, and other processing can be achieved with our products in various materials, such as granite, marble, artificial stone, Dekton, etc.

Durability & Longevity

Our tools are made from diamonds of the highest quality, ensuring a long operational life. As a result, it makes less frequent replacements, resulting in consistent performance.


User-Centric Design

Aside from performance, user convenience is also important to us. We have recommended RPM or feed rate clearly, so users can ensure both machine longevity and impeccable results.

About SSDiatools Manufacturer

Our CNC Diamond Tools, which include Profile Wheels, Finger Bits, Core Bits, Covering Router Bit. We are at the forefront of innovation, continuously integrating the latest technology suitable for processing stone, engineered stone, quartz, porcelain, ceramic, and concrete.

Customized Solutions: For example: With the CNC profile wheels we can make many shapes for your countertops request. Please contact us for more drawings as a reference.

Uncompromising Standards: Our quality control is rigorous, and we guarantee 100% inspections. We never ship defective products.

Reliable Production: Having substantial production capacities in place, we are able to ensure we meet demand on time, without sacrificing quality.

Trusted Supplier: Distributors, wholesalers, importers, and stone factories prefer us because we offer competitive pricing, low minimum order quantities, quick dispatch, and unparalleled pre- and post-purchase services.

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