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Offer Laser welded diamond saw blades, Arix(Line-up saw blade), Dekton saw blades, Granite saw blades, and so on.

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SSDiatools Diamond Tools has specialized in manufacturing high quality diamond cutting tools for granite, marble and quartz stone for over 20 years. Our diamond granite cutting saw blades are available in a variety of sizes and styles to meet your needs. With our advanced technology and strict quality control, we are able to produce top quality diamond tools that will help you get the job done right. Contact us today to learn more about our products and services!

Concrete Cutting Circular Saw Blades

General Concrete saw blades

General Concrete Cutting Blades

Sizes Range: 9″ ~ 16″
Cutting Materials: Concrete/General 
Line up Segment Saw Blade-segment

Line up Segment Saw Blade

Sizes Range: 12″ ~ 36″
Cutting Materials: Concrete/General 
Asphalt Cutting Blade

Asphalt Cutting Blade

Sizes Range: 12″ ~ 20″
Cutting Materials: Asphalt/Green concrete
Diamond Floor Saw Blades

Diamond Floor Saw Blades

Sizes Range: 16″ ~ 64″
Cutting Materials: Concrete/Reinforced concrete
Wall Cutting Blades

Wall Cutting Blades

Sizes Range: 24″ ~ 64″
Cutting Materials: Concrete/Reinforced concrete
Wall Cutting Blades

Tuck point blades

Sizes Range: 4″ ~ 14″
Cutting Materials: Concrete/Asphalt
Dry or Wet using

Why Choose Us

Diamond concentration

Using a blade with an appropriate diamond concentration will allow it to make a better bond with the granite surface, allowing the blade to cut more quickly and smoothly through it..

Diamond Segmented rim

A diamond segmented rim on a diamond blade allows for cooler cutting and less material build-up on the blade, increasing its lifespan and cutting efficiency.

Continuous Diamond Segment rim

A continuous diamond segment rim on a diamond blade provides a cleaner and more precise cut, particularly useful for making precise cuts or curves in granite.

Wet or dry cutting

It is important to choose a diamond blade that is suitable for the specific cutting conditions in which it will be used, whether that be wet or dry cutting.

SSDiatools - manufacturer of Granite Cutting Saw Blade

SSDiatools Diamond Tools is a manufacturer that specializes in the development, research, design, production, sales, and after-sales services of Granite cutting blade, Marble cutting blade, Dekton blade, Diamond segments, and so on. We have been committed to serving customers with convenience, hassle-free buying experience, and excellent services all offered at a cost-effective price. Our wide range of diamond tools is manufactured to meet your requirements. Contact us now!
We have more than 20 years of operating in the diamond tools industry. Using high technology and innovation, we are able to serve thousands of clients from around.
Have more than 5 technical engineers with more than 20 years of experience to provide special formula requirements for your stone materials. Each processing workshop must pass 100% quality inspection before entering the next process to ensure quality.
Whether you are an engineer, wholesaler, distributor, or importer searching for high-quality diamond tools, always rely on SSDiatools. As a professional manufacturer in China, we always guarantee you a one-stop solution to your needs.
We also offer affordable prices, low MOQ, fast delivery, excellent pre/after services, and the best quality products. Besides diamond tools, we also offer air polishers for stone processing.
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