CNC diamond tools

Why Choose SSDiatools's CNC Diamond Tools?


With over 15 years of experience manufacturing CNC diamond tools, our optimized production process delivers seamless results from coarse to fine. We combine advanced equipment with premium materials to make the diamond wheels with precision and efficiency.

Our CNC diamond wheels are used on a wide range of materials: Granite, Marble, Quartz, Dekton, etc. We expertly design diamond segments, bond formulations, and tool specifications based on your material removal and surface finish requirements. Strict quality control ensures consistent performance and long service life.



Our skilled engineers can use the latest diamond technology to develop customized CNC tools for routing, shaping, and profiling stone or concrete. We understand the nuances of tool paths, edge geometry, and other factors that impact CNC machining.

Rely on our proven expertise to maximize the productivity of your CNC stoneworking. We offer responsive lead times and excellent technical support.

Contact us today to explore how our high-performance CNC diamond tools can become integral to your fabrication success.

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