5 Types of Granite Cutting Blades

wall cutting blade

The manufacturing process of saw blades varies, resulting in different types of circular saw blades used for granite cutting. In this article, we’ll explore five types of granite cutting blades, their production processes, sizes, and applications, to help you choose the right blade for your needs.   1:High-Frequency Welded Sintered Granite Circular Saw Blades  Production […]

Exploring the Various Types of Discs for Angle Grinders

Grinding Wheel

Angle grinders are a kind of efficient and multifunctional power tools, widely used in the stone and concrete processing industries for tasks such as cutting, grinding, polishing, and cleaning. These tools can be loaded with discs ranging from 4 inches (100 mm) to 9 inches (230 mm) in diameter, covering a variety of functions from […]