Grinding Wheels

How to choose Grinding Cup Wheels depending on concrete surface and hardness? Choosing the right concrete grinding wheel for your specific surface type is very important. This decision greatly affects the grinding process’s efficiency and productivity. The right grinding wheel for the surface type will result in a smoother finish and longer wheel life. In […]

Air Stone Polisher

How to choose between an Air polisher and Electric polisher? Polishing is unavoidable in the last process of production and processing of Marble, Granite, Dekton, Quartz, and other stone materials. In addition to diamond polishing pads, the tools used for polishing are also important equipment, that is, the polishing machine. There are two types of […]

CNC diamond tools

Why Choose SSDiatools’s CNC Diamond Tools?   With over 15 years of experience manufacturing CNC diamond tools, our optimized production process delivers seamless results from coarse to fine. We combine advanced equipment with premium materials to make the diamond wheels with precision and efficiency. Our CNC diamond wheels are used on a wide range of […]

What Makes the 3-Step Diamond Polishing Pad System Advantageous?

Evolution of Polishing Pad Systems: 7 step diamond polishing pads were once known as the best way to polish. A 5 step diamond polishing pad then became popular. We got good results on dark granite but still needed to buff it. Why fewer 3-step polishing pads are now more popular and have become a preferred […]

Do Diamond Blades Have Real Diamonds?

Do diamond blade have a real diamond ? Construction and manufacturing industries often refer to diamond blades, but what are they exactly? Is there any diamond in them, those precious gems we all know and love? Let’s begin by defining diamond blades. In construction and industrial settings, diamond blades are commonly used as cutting tools. […]