How to choose between an Air polisher and Electric polisher?

Polishing is unavoidable in the last process of production and processing of Marble, Granite, Dekton, Quartz, and other stone materials. In addition to diamond polishing pads, the tools used for polishing are also important equipment, that is, the polishing machine. There are two types of polishers in the market: air polishers and electric polishers.

Compared to electric polishers, air polishers offer greater flexibility and better control during operation. Their power consumption is also low. For example, for our pneumatic polishing machine, one air compressor can carry 6 pcs of wet air polishers, which is very cost-saving. Although electric polishers offer higher torque, they are better suited for heavy-duty polishing.

During the stone polishing process, a large amount of dust that is harmful to the human body will be generated, and water is usually added to cool and lubricate the polished surface. Wet polishing greatly reduces the stone dust generated during the polishing process, which is beneficial to the respiratory health of operators. Although many electric polishers can now be used with water, there are still safety risks when working with water and electricity. Pneumatic wet polishers eliminate the risk of electric shock and electrocution, and our pneumatic system works stably without circuit failure even under high water pressure. The water flow and airflow can be flexibly adjusted according to needs to control the smooth operation of the machine.

To sum up, with the help of a suitable air polishing machine, stone factories can achieve faster, safer, and higher-quality polishing in a shorter time, which greatly improves the factory's competitive advantage.

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