Our company has been producing diamond tools for more than 20 years and provides satisfactory services to our customers.

We make sure that our diamond tool supply is of top-notch quality. To facilitate an easy supply of the tools such as cutting saw blades, concrete polishing pads, granite polishing pads, router bits, and air stone polishers, we stick to the best standards.

We thoroughly inspect each and every diamond tool supply product before shipping it to different places, and we also pay attention to each and every client’s needs.

With our continuously improving diamond tools, we help stone fabricators and manufacturers reduce their fabrication costs and bring big profits to distributors.

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This is our diamond tools plant

Over the past 20 years, our factory has continuously expanded its production line. In order to ensure stable quality and improve product accuracy, it has introduced foreign advanced production technology and equipment.

We are able to develop international standard diamond tools independently with the help of several automatic and semi-automatic machines, professional technical research and development capabilities, and a strict quality management system.

Our air polisher plant

We started in 2006, and the first few years were tough. We have to rely on a smaller local market, but we have been working hard to meet customer needs, meet customer needs, import foreign equipment, and learn foreign technology.

Advanced equipment, professional technology, and determination to seriously pursue better product quality make our products have been improving. After years of honing, our products are now comparable to Taiwan’s Gison, and some models are even more cost-effective. Now 95% of our products are exported overseas.

It’s been an incredible journey — and it’s not over yet

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For many years, SSDiatools has produced diamond tools and provided satisfactory services to its customers. Our goal is to provide you with flexible and reliable solutions to help you solve various problems.

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