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Providing premium diamond tools solutions and unbeatable customer service, backed by 20 years of experience.

With a highly experienced and professionals team to provides our clients with customized tools and products to meet your specific needs.

Grinding Tools

Diamond Stone Polishing Pads, Concrete Grinding Cup Wheels, and more

Grinding Cup Wheel

Full Range of Concrete Grinding Tool

PCD Removal Scraper

Concrete Abrasive Tools

Resin Polishing Pads

Diamond Polishing Pads for Stone Concrete

Diamond Cutting Saw Blades

Stone Cutting Blades, Dekton Cutting, Concrete Cutting Blades, Asphalt Blades

Granite Cutting Blades

Stone cutting blade, Concrete cutting blade

Asphalt Cutting Blade

Laser Welded for Asphalt, concrete

Concrete Cutting Blade

Concrete Wall, Floor, Bridge and etc

Handheld Power Tools

Wet Stone Polisher kits, Air Cutting Tools and Air Grinding Machine, etc.

Rear exhaust air polisher

Wet Polishing stone edge and surface

Air Cutter and Grinder

Cutting or Grinding with water

Mini Dia Polisher

Perfect performance on bowl polishing


SSDiatools Providing a Full Range of Diamond Tools for Stone and Concrete Industry.

laser welding machine SSDiatools

Our Mission


The number one priority of our company is customer satisfaction.

Let our products, service, and competitive price work for you. We insist on offering products based on our modern management, advanced technology, strict quality control-inspection system, great creative energy, and best service.

We researched exclusive sintered technology on the Line-up saw blades to make them own faster cutting speed and longer cutting life.



Know more about the Diamond Tools manufacturer​

To give you an idea of what our company workshop looks like, here are some pictures and introductions


mixed diamond power for the diamond segment
As per the engineer’s instructions, the worker mixes powders through the machine and shakes them well to make sure that every molecule plays its part in creating the best diamond-cutting segments.
Press Diamond Segment Machine
Diamond segments made by high temperature and high pressure will be sharper and more durable than diamond segments made by cold pressing.

Using automatic welding machines instead of manual welding has greatly improved our production capacity and output. The lead time is shortened.

testing the diamond saw blade

It is important to test the hardness of the cutter head after welding to ensure that the teeth do not fall off during cutting.

Blade Polishing Machine

Polish the steel plate and diamond segments of the saw blade to give it a good appearance. 
The quality inspectors will make sure that the appearance of the saw blade, arbor hole, and diamond segment is perfect before they deliver it to you.

Know more about the ELA air polisher manufacturer

ELA is our own production line for wet stone grinding and polishing. Including an air polisher, grinder, and cutter.

ssdiatools air polisher workshop
ela air stone polisher factory


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